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Fingerprints that make us unique - Guide for Healthy Tips

Health Tips Guide for Healthy Tips - Guide for Healthy Tips



We all know that the first thing the police are looking for in a criminal case is fingerprints. They are a unique identifier that can tell exactly who they belong to, given what they have, what to compare with. They were used for many centuries, in China, for example, the letters were stored in clay, on which the author’s fingerprint would then be stamped.

In the late 1800s, Henry Folds, a medical missionary in Japan, first published a study on the uniqueness of these prints and on the possibility of using them for identification. However, you should know that in addition to fingerprints, there are other parts of your body that are unique to each person and separate you from the rest of the population.

Iris in the eye

Iris scanners along with fingerprint and retinal scanners have become another useful tool for protecting highly protected information and areas. Iris scanning is useful because, according to the FBI website, the color and texture of the iris are genetically related, but the pattern is not.


It may sound funny, but you can identify a person by the shape of his ear. Each person has unique curves and ridges on their shell, which do not have two identical ones. A study conducted at the University of Southampton in 2010 showed that the shape of the auricles is formed at birth and remains virtually unchanged throughout your entire life. The research team has developed an algorithm that can identify one person among 252 other people with an accuracy of 99.6 percent. Cultura de feedback: ¿que es, beneficios y como implementarlo en la empresa?

The human gait

Everyone walks in their own way, and it’s not just how their legs move; This is how their whole body moves. This concept is known as the human gait, and the researchers found that analyzing what appears to be 24 components can accurately identify a person.

For example, one study is based on a technique called “energy gait image”, which creates a computer image of a silhouette with a characteristic gait. Researchers added functions that allowed the computer to select shadows on their clothes, and along with the Microsoft’s Kinect game sensor, which could measure depth, the system was 80 percent accurate when recognizing participants.

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Fingerprints that make us unique - Guide for Healthy Tips

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