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Coconut oil is famous for its innumerable health benefits. Although it is generally used for moisturizing, dental care and as a delicious vegetable oil, Dr. Newport believes that this is also useful for improving cognition.

The theory of Dr. Mary Newport surrounds the idea that digestion of coconut oil causes the production of ketones. Ketones, in her opinion, could become an alternative fuel for the brain, which can benefit those who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease.

Steve’s husband Newport’s husband had problems with progressive dementia in the mid-1950s. Unfortunately, in the end, MRI provoked a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease.

In Newport’s own words: “For many days, often for several days in a row, he was in a fog; I could not find a spoon or remember how to get water out of the refrigerator … One day I’ll ask if there was a call that I was expecting and he will say “No”. In two days he will remember the message of the so-called “And so, a couple of days before what they said.

Despite his diagnoses, Steve could still keep information in his brain, even at times when he did not have a short-term memory. Mary believed that his diet has something to do with this.

In Mary’s study of ketones or triglycerides with an average chain length, she found that they were listed as a potential treatment for patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease, Huntington’s disease, multiple sclerosis and diabetes.

Mary began to think: “With Alzheimer’s disease, neurons in certain areas of the brain can not take glucose because of insulin resistance and slowly die … if these cells had access to ketones, they could stay alive and continue the function.”

This prompted Dr. Newport to begin supplying her husband with a coconut oil regimen to see if it helped him at all. According to Mary, he became more aware and happy. He again became more himself, and even felt less tremors.

After a year, from two tablespoons of coconut oil, twice a day, Mary states that Steve has completely changed for the better. While he does continue to struggle to some extent, he can recognize his family and participate in communication. “While we are very happy with where it is, and if coconut oil stops or slows down the development of its disease, it will cost every drop that it takes.”

This man ate 2 tablespoons of coconut oil twice a day, and it happened to his brain - Guide for Healthy Tips

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